Animal feed - Dairy cows

Cattle feeding is a very delicate task for any breeder, for that reason it is essential the presence of a competent and experienced partner who can provide advice and quality products suitable to achieve the desired results. The Astesana S.p.A. has a wide range of feed in order to meet each individual customer need.

Dairy Cows
Dairy Cows Dairy Cows concentrate Suckler Cows
To milk 23% Nucleo To Milk 34% Vacche piemontesi nutrici
Vacche lattifera 16 Nucleo vacche latte 25% Vacche/Vitelli piemontesi
Vacche lattifera 18 Nucleo vacche latte 32.5%  
Vacche lattifera 18 Super Nucleo vacche latte 50%  
Vacche lattifera 19 Super Nucleo vacche latte 60% HQ  
Vacche lattifera 20 Nucleo lattifera HQ  
Vacche da latte special    
Vacche 20% Extra Milk    
Nucleo sostitutivo insilato    
Vacche da latte piemontesi