Animal feed - Swines

The swine production has been characterized by numerous changes in recent years and increasingly requires a management of industrial character. It is precisely to ensure the necessary productivity and competitiveness on the market that the Astesana S.p.A. provides to its customers with innovative and high quality formulas.

Piglets Swines Swines concentrate
Suinetti Porcilat speed 1 Suini magroncelli Nucleo suini ingrasso 20%-25%
Suinetti Porcilat speed 2 Suini magroni Nucleo suini ingrasso 30%
Suinetti batteria Suini finissaggio Nucleo suini ingrasso 40%
Suinetti Super    
Sows Sows concentrate Boars
Scrofe gestanti Nucleo scrofe gestanti 25% Verri
Scrofe lattazione    
Scrofe ciclo unico