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growth period

This first part of the breeding process is often seen only as a cost since, mistakenly, believed as an unproductive phase of the animal career.

Indeed, even without milk production you are modeling the machine that will produce. Technically you are working on the future of the company. Who would like to start with disadvantage for the "future" cows?

A simple but effective solution is mCube: a specific product for cattle in growth that can be supplied to animals from 6 months to the first year.

The ideal diet is composed of mCube and dry forages ad libitum, normally by making available a cube every 15 animals in order to avoid the negative phenomena of hierarchy among animals.

From a nutritional point of view is not recommended the addition of corn silage in the diet.

The consumption will be based on the quantity and quality of forage made available and the needs of the animals, mCube can be made available also to grazing animals as a complement to the same pasture.

Do not forget to leave clean water always available.

It is particularly suitable where for logistical reasons it is not easy to prepare a daily ration. This system allows to achieve goals in terms of weight and body structure reaching the first birth within 24 months.

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