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A 3rd generation family owned business

The Astesana activity began in 1945, just after the Second World War, with Mario Astesana (Lagnasco 10/12/1921), Cesare Astesana (Lagnasco 04/25/1925) and Gaudenzio Astesana (Villafalletto 08/09 / 1926). The three brothers initially assisted their mother, Angela Ballario, widowed in 1934, in the activity of cereals trading.

The “Astesana Brothers” company was born on February 20th, 1946 by continuing the activity of cereals trading and by commercializing animal feed produced by “Francesco & Umberto Vismara” company. The in-house production of animal feed began in 1955 under the house’s porch and gradually expanded over time until 1963, when the first feed mill was built. In 1974 the company turned into Inc.


In 1979 a new, larger plant was built and it’s still working. In 1980 the Inc. turned into Corp., during the next years the three sons Cesare, Fulvio and Chiara became part of the shareholders and, more recently, the three grandsons Davide, Lorenzo and Alberto joined the group too.


The company later decided to expand its business in Italy and abroad by diversifying and investing in other areas such as farming, renewable energy production, construction, real estate, hospitality, hotel industry, transport and wine industry.

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