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The management of dry cows nutrition, often overlooked or underestimated, is the key to success of future lactation.

Often management conditions due to lack of space, to small groups of animals or to labor shortages impose choices "of convenience" for the farmer, but not appropriate to animal metabolism. For example: use of milk in part of the ration, silage ration prepared every two days, difficult management of prenatal phase. It all involves susceptibility to metabolic diseases and production results below expectations.

The dCube system provides for simple, practical and effective association of the dCube to fodder grass always available to the animals need.

Cows lick the product according to their nutritional requirements and, therefore, also as a result of the quality and quantity of fodder and water available.

The particular method of production of the cube allows the cow, by licking the product, to produce copious secretion of saliva as a natural buffer that regulates the physiological rumen pH, avoiding dangerous fluctuations.

Using dCUBE in dry period leads the cows to a full restoration of the rumen and liver function, then, to an improvement of the overall health status to better face childbirth and lactation.

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