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After the dry phase, the immediate postpartum characterizes most of the productive and reproductive performance of lactating dairy cows. We can identify this as the second part of the transition period. Generally speaking it lasts for 21 days, but if the animal is highly productive we can talk about a few more weeks.

We can consider Modular Cube CY as a tool to manage this delicate phase.

The primary goal of using the Modular Cube CY is to provide additional integration to animals at a critical stage of their productive career without having to make daily additions to rations.

Another goal is to stimulate the saliva production to adjust the instability of the ruminal pH, in fact, the product, thanks to its special composition, can be ingested only by licking. That’s what stimulates the production of saliva and avoids excessive consumption.

This way of ingestion deliberately not easy, hinders competition between animals.

Through the action on rumen pH and the stimulation by sugars on bacteria capable of using lactic acid for energy, ModularCube CY promotes a better digestion of fiber and a contrast to SARA (Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis).

Normal consumption is 100-200 g / day, if higher you have to check the formulation of the diet or the feed availability.

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